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Wood Grain Flower Pot....hmmmm.only Carla could do this

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painting flower pots | Pot is painted in yellows and creams with ladybugs and flowers all the ...

Painted clay flower pots. Love the colors.

Simple. This would be cute using same colors but on different areas of pot and them group them together.

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1833 Zollverein formed as economic common market for German states. A Market economy is an economy in which decisions regarding investment, production and distribution are based on supply and demand, and prices of goods and services are determined in a free price system. Economic market are still used everyday in the 21st century. The creation of it was a huge deal as it still in our country.

Paint pots in whimsical colors and def only use in shaded are w shade loving plants if u live in a hot area! Those pots dry out super fast (even when painted) and the water would just spill out of the top. Could seal the inside w paint and spray sealer. Use water gel mixed w soil to hold in moisture.

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