Black Velvet Paint-By-Number-Set

Dynamite CHiPs!

Spirograph - one of the great toys from the 70s that did actually keep me quiet for awhile.

How about some 70s black velvet paint-by-numbers?

Romper stomper

old dial phones...for those who remember them

80's slang!!

What grandmas looked like when I was a kid.

Pick a number, pick a color, tell your fortune...

"Miss Suzie had a steamboat The steamboat had a bell The steamboat went to Heaven Miss Suzie went to... Hello operator Please give me number 9..."

Toy from

Loved these things!

Rotary dial phones.

Fortune Tellers


Lighted makeup mirror with different time of the day settings. Had this.

Crissy Twirly Beads & Velvet Swirly Daisies (1974)

You could call the number for the time and temperature lady.

fortune tellers

Remember Madame