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Pink Christmas.......Lots of pictures to see from Romantic Homes. Beautiful!

One day, I hope to visit a snowy place like this for Christmas and admire all those twinkling lights while feeling the cool breeze in my cheeks and burrowing further into my winter coat for warmth.

...well, not ALL 8 flavors are delicious--the chocolate and licorice flavors can take a hike, but those purple clove ones? NOW those are worth buying the whole pack for. I still buy these every year to put in the kids' shoes on New Year's Eve (what? Santy Bogus doesn't come to your house on New Year's Eve and leave candy in the shoes by the fireplace? This must be a southern mountain thing.)

Chuckles candy - they sold this at the neighborhood swimming pool concession stand. I loved it!

My gma gave us Neccos on trips. Tasted like chalk.

Remember these?! Fruit-flavored candy sugar in fruit-shaped bottles. I used to LOVE these!

candy cane marshmallows.....these are going in the hot chocolate at Christmas!!!!

tiny tree in a basket - love the ornament colors! this would be a nice homage to my late FIL, he always insisted on just an itsy-bitsy tree. if we got a live one, we could plant it after christmas!

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