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SUMMER RAIN <> 'Drip drip the trees for all the country round, And richness rare distills from every bough; The wind alone it is makes every sound, Shaking down crystals on the leaves below...' ~Henry David Thoreau, from 'The Summer Rain

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Rain falling on the lily pads such as in the novel I'm currently writing, Veiled at Midnight. www.christinelind...

there is something so beckoning in the feel, scent and beauty of a warm Summer rain

"The seasons changed It got washed away in a summer rain You can't undo a fall like this 'Cause love don't know what distance is" - Hunter Hayes, I Want Crazy

I blinked in dismay as her hair... or should I say crows, as they flew from her head. So I hadn't been going bonkers, her hair was made of sleek feathers.

Chuck Groenink. Big and Little Crow (Big Crow is happy to see Little Crow)

vintage 1930s Crow book plate by MouseTrapVintage on Etsy, $8.00