Pallet Movie Theater

Doing this in a theater room instead of big individual chairs would make for a much more enjoyable movie experience.

Salon DE Jardin EN Palettes | eBay

31 DIY Pallet Chair Ideas | Pallet Furniture Plans

How easy is this?!? Why spend £££'s on garden furniture when it will only be used for one month out of the year in the UK!

totally going to have this

hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

Pallet day bed- great for late night parties outside, kiddies can lax out, people can recover from overeating & drinking

DIY Star Ceiling instructions

Pool area

Basement - Love the framed windows

Basement Bedroom for Sleepovers

25 Pallet Sofa Design Ideas to Recycle Your Unused Pallets

Re-purpose those pallets that are destined for the dump. Remember. That used to be a tree.!! Pallet Lounge!

Amazing Uses For Old Pallets

slide to the basement; A House Of Whimsy: Pirate Ships, Climbing Walls, & Slides Oh My