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    Rory Pond is the baddest of asses.

    So fantastic!

    Doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff Pendant Necklace- yeah, ok I need this necklace

    Well fuck me this will never not make me cry again

    I need to make this my wallpaper around Christmastime

    I'm sorry but if you skip 9 you are just plain wrong.

    This is probably the reason he switched to bow ties.


    You can get a personalized mug. With your name. In Gallifreyan. And it GLOWS IN THE DARK. Oh, and it's under $20.

    Print out the Doctor Who version of Cards Against Humanity right now - NEED IT

    TARDIS Christmas stocking - Some day...

    Doctor Who Collector Series Watches

    Ninth Doctor Head Canon - This theory about Nine and Rose does make sense. I always wondered how he had done all those things when he was clearly freshly regenerated when he met Rose. Silly me for still seeing time as linear instead of a ball of timey-wimey stuff.

    I want Wilf to come back :(

    This is why Rose is my favorite.

    All of this. I have never understood why people hated on Martha so much! She was amazing.

    Oh 9 ♥

    I want this.

    Saving this for future use.

    DW TARDIS Police Box Varsity Jacket - Absolutely yes.

    I love that I read this in his voice, Scottish accent and all.

    I really think the last one should say, "Blinking: Not even once." But I do want the Rose one for reasons.

    I adore this so much.

    This makes too much sense.