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  • Olivia Smith

    "We should call the police....". Scandal in Belgravia. Sherlock and Dr. John Watson. Sherlock (BBC).

  • Rebekah

    John Watson: "we should call the police" / Sherlock Holmes: *shoots gun* "on their way"

  • MemeGuy

    Call the police #funny #call #police #humor #comedy #lol

  • Brenna O'Hara

    Problem solving. like a boss

  • Joseph Ned

    Sherlock Holmes calls the police like a boss.

  • Chloe McElmury

    Sherlock baha i don't watch this show but that is funny and pretty badass

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"I don't know, Mycroft. Does the Queen know you're after her job?" - hehehe, Avengers. Extra fact: Mycroft, or Gatiss I should say, has that umbrella and stance because he's copying John Steed, a character from the 70's UK television show "The Avengers" because Gatiss is a big nerd.

"...Hey! You better watch out. We can't help if we cry. You know that we'll pout and we're telling you why. Sherlock Holmes is coming to toooown!" P.S. GIVE US SEASON 4!!!

I'm really interested by their body language in the pictures. In season 1, there's a lot of space between Benedict and Martin, and Martin has his arms crossed, signifying slight discomfort (though he could just be cold). Season 2, they're closer and have more open body language, showing they're more comfortable with each other. Season 3, they're in each other's intimate space (very close - touching), showing they're very close and comfortable with each other. I love it!

My little sister just came up to me and asked me where this was from, cuz she'd seen it on the humor page. I just died laughing XD Cabin Pressure (British radio show) meets Sherlock (BBC TV show.) CABINLOCK ftw XD Although Hounds of the Baskerville was an awful episode, this hasn't failed to make me laugh since I first saw it a few months ago.

What's it like in your funny little brains? Must be so boring. I have used this line maybe a little too much.. ( Said no one ever)

It's weird how much this reminds me of me and Victor.

The inspiring friendship of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Funny how this whole sequence makes us fans love Sherlock even more. People who aren't a part of our fandom, they think Sherlock has no heart, but he's just very selective about who he loves.

Has anyone else noticed that Sherlock is absolutely clueless when Molly flirts with him but decides very quickly that John's flirting with him?