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Janet Echelman Reshaping Urban Airspace World-Wide

1.26 Sculpture Project at the Biennial of the Americas, Denver, 2012 Janet Echelman via for : material, installation

Gorgeous Iceberg Sculpture Made of Tissue Paper and Staples

Luminarium Mirazozo by Dave Gorman, via Flickr Pavilions, Booths & Exhibits are all temporary, so should be made from materials that won’t go to a landfill. At the same time, they need to be solid, durable, lightweight and collapsible.

Russian artist, Pavel Platonov’s Geometric Installations – his installations are large-scale origami-like tessellations in a variety of media and environments. Platonov has used mirror, fabric, metal, and other materials to create sharp, angular geometric forms. The installations also use lighting, shadow, and reflection to create an altered, futuristic effect |

Floating Plastic Bag Sculptures Resemble Giant Pink Jellyfish

*ROBERTJANSONPlastic Bag Installation -Workshop at Lund School of Architecture with T. Sarantoglou Lalis, Dora Sweijd and David Erkan. Project: to build a geometry with a component, in this case, plastic bags.