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Pink Freud, ......waha....waha...wahahaha...AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAH ♥

HILARIOUS!!!! So many would not see the humor and say "I sure am".... Find the REAL humor and laugh too!

They didn't even spell "underneath" right!

  • Anne Hawkins

    That's a good point, Aimee. I've never had the chance to go to New Orleans, so I wouldn't know that. I do know that as a written dialect, this style has a problematic history - like how every character in Huckleberry Finn was from the deep south, but Jim was the only one to talk in that style. Kate, I responded the way I did because the assumptions in the original post about how the exchange might have happened raised red flags for me. Yes, this is entirely subjective. Also: Using the the r-word as an insult is still not okay.

  • Shannon Arbogast

    The post was funny. But wow on the judgement. I will say this- I am from Alabama. The person who did this was uneducated or doing it for fun. It has nothing to do with dialect or race or trashiness. Walmart does hire people who have special needs. Please keep that in mind to. And not only trashy people shop at Walmart. My husband and I are both educated, involved in the community, clean, and religious and we shop at Walmart on occasion. We do not order our cakes from there.

  • Whyu Kno

    Retarded doesn't discriminate.

  • Samantha Blankenship

    Obviously, this is just something funny, not meant to be discriminatory. There are plenty of people who talk this way in any race. The fact that people are assuming these things and bringing up racism is just another sign of how racism will never stop. The only way to obliterate racism in our society is to stop accusing poeple of it every time something comes out of their mouth. And, yes, while the retarded thing is very bad, there is nothing racist about it. The pinner should change it, but that is not up to us.

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Things moms will never say...

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I laughed harder than I needed to.

Repost or not... it still made me lol on this shitty...shitty... Wednesday. *

I just happened to come across this while messing around on Pinterest. I laughed.....a lot. I'm still laughing.

This Is Quite Possibly The Best Way To Raise Money For Charity... one dollar per strip of duct tape. And yes, that is the principal. Brilliant!

  • Kiley Amber

    We did this with our dean of students last semester. We didn't have nearly this much tape. We had to have guys stand in front of him so he wouldn't fall off the wall =)

Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver. Just sayin... by LeMonkeyHouse on Etsy, $25.00 - Funny Poster

i love how we don't have to say outloud that i'm your favorite child. happy mothers day. card.

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