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President Herbert Hoover poses with his dog, King Tut.

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White House Pets: The Adorable And Weird Creatures Keeping U.S. Presidents Company (PHOTOS) Herbert Hoover's dog, King Tut

A German Shepherd dog named King Tut helped to get former president Herbert Hoover elected. Pictured with the candidate, the dog made Hoover appear warm and friendly. The autographed image was sent to thousands of voters. Once in the White House, King Tut remained in the public eye, every night patrolling the White House fences, and became known as "the dog that worried himself to death."

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Herbert Hoover

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Herbert Hoover's German shepherd

President Herbert Hoover - 31st president of the United States.

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Stephen King

.It's Presidents' Day!

April 12, 1929. "King Tut, President Hoover's big German police dog, now makes the rounds of the sentry boxes in the White House grounds through the night. He is shown with W.S. Newton of the White House police."