Scientists believe that zebra stripes evolved to deter parasitic flies.

Why do zebras have stripes? Scientists have the answer

These zebras are stunning. By Sally Maxwell - Scratchboard Artist.

Let me think...

funnywildlife: The Gorilla, The Thinker to see these guys wild in their element at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with Premier Safaris by Sophie Narsès

ZEBRA by Roger Eamer on 500px

Vivid black and white. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Sliding into home!

A mallard duck loses his balance on the ice and is sent sliding across the surface of a frozen pond in Dortmund, Germany Picture: UDO SCHLOTTMANN / CATERS NEWS (via Pictures of the day: 28 November 2012 - Telegraph)

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#zebras Africa

Zebras in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. Photographer Martin Buschmann Travel and Photography from around the world.

Zebras, Bandia Safari, Senegal  Trip to Senegal 74 by The-Playmobil

Daddy zebras black with white stripes. White with black stripes. My dad told me this once whilst visiting belle vue zoo. I believed him for years and used to tell people about the zebras !

How can anyone look at such a beautiful creature in its eyes and not care for it ?!

beauty-on-earth: “ expression-venusia: “ A zebra’s eye Expression ” ”

A mint and teal colored chameleon lizard. #teal #mint #reptiles

Amazing bugs, reptiles and amphibians photographed by Igor Siwanowicz. From jumping spiders to colourful chameleons, Igor's pictures encourage his audience to look a little deeper: A Chamaeleo Calyptratus (Veiled Chameleon, female)

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