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Bjork - Vulnicura [Vinyl New]

1860’s Native American M'dewakontonwan Sioux Indian CDV of Aza-ya-man-ka-wan ("Berry Picker" - also known as "Old Bets") by Joel E. Whitney. A full blooded Sioux of the M'dewakontonwan tribe, her Sioux name was "Aza-ya-man-ka-wan" ("Berry Picker"). She was born near Mendota in 1788, and at the time of her death was only 85 years old, although she was purported to be 100 to 120 years old. She was married to "Ma-za-sa-gia" ("Iron Sword") who died a few years later at Mendota.

* Medicine Crow: As a youth of fifteen, Medicine Crow went on his first war party. In the next nineteen years, he led a vigorous and often dangerous life of a Plains Indian warrior. For twelve of those years he was a war chief noted for his agility in hand-to-hand combat, courage, and dependability in bringing his men back home not only safely but victorious ~ Artist by: steeelll *


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1860's NATIVE AMERICAN SIOUX INDIAN MAIDEN U-SE-DO-HA CDV PHOTO By WHITNEY Very Rare and original, early 1860’s Native American Mdewakanton Dakota Sioux Indian CDV Photograph of the beautiful, young Sioux maiden U-Se-Do-Ha by Joel E. Whitney. U-Se-Do-Ha was from the Kaposia village of the Mdewakanton Dakota Head Chief Little Crow.

Chief Washakie. Chief Washakie was born to a Flathead (Salish) father and and Lemhi Shoshone mother.His prowess in battle, his efforts for peace, and his commitment to his people's welfare made him one of the most respected leaders in Native American history. Upon his death in 1900, he became the only known Native American to be given a full military funeral. By S Campos

A Sioux Chief by Joseph T Keiley, circa 1898. Keiley’s association with Stieglitz began about 1898, the year he and Gertrude Käsebier photographed a group of Lakota Sioux—including this man, Has-No-Horses—who were in New York as part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show.

* Curley ~ Scout to General George Custer. Curly is remembered for having brought the earliest tidings of the massacre of George Armstrong Custer's troops at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Claiming to be the only survivor of Custer's Last Stand, the 17 year old Crow scout provided a confused and incredible account of Custer's annihilation. Sixty years of retelling the story added no clarity to what role Curly really played in the battle ~ Artist by: steeelll *