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Official Site – Min & Mon

Jumping out of swings! The higher you jumped from the better! (Of course now I cringe when I see kids do this...but I try to remind myself that I survived, so will they. :)

jumping out of swings. now there would be a lawsuit if some school let somebody's kid jump out of a swing. do they even have swingsets on playgrounds anymore. Do schools even have playgrounds anymore?

((Closed. Be prepared for Piper feels because I decided on her mental disorders~)) "Higher!" The brunette laughed, holding on tighter to the swing as she asked (forced) Jack to push her. Once she felt she was high enough, she gestured for him to move, waiting until he did so. Kicking her legs a bit more, Piper jumped off the swing, feeling like she was flying for a second before crashing to the ground, somehow landing on her feet. Normally, she hated heights, but this was different, she…

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There is a group of teens at the park, sitting on swings and talking. Your character notices fifteen-year-old Brynn a couple swings away, swinging by herself. She appears to be with the group, but is not engaged in their conversation.

Swinging with Friends - who didn't do this? We'd also tie the metal ropes up really tight and as high as we could and then spin like crazy. Mad head rushes :-)

All the time Now they wear helmets seat belts and move a quarter of an inch in the swing - if they have a swing. Probably all swings have been banned as too dangerous - the federal gov't probably passed a law years ago.

summer is when you jump off a swing and you feel like you're flying

LOVE TO take a high swinging jump when it all gets too much and make my escape

Swinging high in the Kaleva district of Tampere, Finland (circa 1950s) • photo: Ensio Kauppila

Remember swinging so high you thought you could make the swing go over the top of the swingset? And then you'd slow down a little bit so you weren't going so high and jump off the swing and fly through the air.

bababadalgharag:    do u know how many times i dreamed of this as a kid

Swing to fence. This is how playgrounds were when I was a kid; full of sharp, dangerous things. They were awesome.

Whatever happened to flat-seat swings?  These were SO much better than the floppy ones they have today!

Whatever happened to flat-seat swings? These were SO much better than the scoopy swings - yeah, those scoop swing seats hurt my butt!

-even when the leaves change color on top, you are still gorgeous.

Gracious Outdoor Living For Fall

Love the fall. Wishing had big tree and swing like this. and a couple more trees with Tire swings on them!

In-ground trampoline with a pool that looks like a pond!!

"Pool disguised as pond with in ground trampoline in place of a diving board! yes, please. This is my idea of an in ground pool." -- I don't like the disguised as a pond idea but I LOVE the trampoline idea!