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Awesome solar system craft with buttons and a canvas needlework mat. From Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.

Planets Cutouts - can do a "Pin the Sun at the Center of the Solar System" game

Since, you know, I always had problems remembering the whole "My Mother.. blah blah blah pizza" thing.

I love these solar system facts. They are mostly all numbers and could assist in making math questions and incorporating mathematical concepts in our Unit.

lego solar system- idea sparker. Try building scale solar objects and space them out to scale. Check Apologia Astronomy book for scale.

what+colors+are+the+planets | Colors+of+the+planets+in+the+solar+system+for+ki...

for solar system unit - do we still have time in the year for the fun stuff??

Was looking for solar system ideas and came across's not really what I was looking for but it has some cute ideas for other stuff. PIN.