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Awesome solar system craft with buttons and a canvas needlework mat. From Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.

Planets Cutouts - can do a "Pin the Sun at the Center of the Solar System" game

Planet Project, great visual representation of the planets' distances

Since, you know, I always had problems remembering the whole "My Mother.. blah blah blah pizza" thing.

Homework helper - you know your kids will have to make a Solar System some time . . . created using FolkArt texture paint.

Solar System Unit My - Mercury Very - Venus Exhausted - Earth Mom - Mars Just - Jupiter Served - Saturn Undercooked - Uranus Noodles - Neptune (Poor Pluto!)

for solar system unit - do we still have time in the year for the fun stuff??

Children loves coloring and the best way to teach them about our solar system is through solar system coloring pages. These printable solar system...

Was looking for solar system ideas and came across's not really what I was looking for but it has some cute ideas for other stuff. PIN.

A great project for younger and older kids. How to make a solar system model. Plus reading and app resources to go along with it.