Germanic languages in Europe

The Handout Creator: This worksheet program allows you to choose up to 15 images and place text related to that image below the picture. It can handle foreign languages, so French, Spanish, German, Greek, Japanese and teachers of other foreign languages can make vocabulary handouts for their students. New! - picture dictionary maker: make vocabulary handouts, exercises and homework that students can collect and use to build their own picture dictionaries.

color in the german language


Watch as 1000 years of European borders change

I in different languages

Map of dialects in Germany. Ooooo. German men are so manly. They're not very open with their feelings though, lol. I'm going to try to get them to "open up." Haha. Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies. Lie to me, if you have to. LOL. #StrongSilentTypeComeWoooMeee

Article from The Economist: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? How linguistic variations affect where Germans choose to live - how migrants respond to cultural factors more than to social ties.

The German Sektor: Teaching German #deutsch #verben #sagen

Hello in 50 languages. Knowing how to greet someone in their language is the first step to find common ground.

"How not to embarrass yourself in Germany" < Too simplistic but it's a start to learning about cultural differences

A useful interactive history map of Europe.

Languages in India • Indo-Aryan: o India’s Primary languages: Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu are known as Indo- Aryan languages and share grammatical features with European languages. -This is the official language of learning, writing, and government

Body parts in German

There were between 350 and 750 distinct Australian Aboriginal languages at the time of first European contact. Dying languages.

Ancient Egypt Maps for Kids and Students ~ Ancient Egypt

Europe Coloring Map of countries

State Land Claims and Cessions to the Federal Government, 1782-1802

German Grammar

There are a number of nice visuals for learning German on this website, but please note and respect the fact that these are copyrighted.

German as a foreign language