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    native american indians | Native American Indianative Americans in the Civil War. Click on photo for interesting article re First Nations' participation in American Civil War.

  • Larkworthy Antfarm

    Raven Blanket, Nez Perce, wearing several necklaces and warbonnet with ermine streamers. Edward Curtis 1910.

  • Jayden Osinski

    1800’s#modern house design #home interior #living room design|

  • SDantini

    Raven Blanket Native American Indian

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Viola Jimulla - Prescott Yavapai was the Chief of the Prescott Yavapai tribe. She became Chief when her husband, who was also a Chief of the tribe, died in an accident in 1940. She remained Chief until her death. She was known for improving living conditions, and for her work with the Presbyterian Church.

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WOUNDED KNEE OWNER THREATENS TRIBE: ‘BUY NOW OR I’M AUCTIONING IT OFF’ James Czywczynski, the current owner of the Wounded Knee site has told the Oglala Sioux Tribe they have until September 2 to purchase the land. If no one steps forward to purchase the land for the tribe, Czywczynski says he will hold a public auction for the land.

BABY VERONICA: U.S. DOESN’T RESPECT OR UNDERSTAND NATIVE CULTURE A note from Ray Cook, ICTMN Opinions Editor: The political and legal ramifications of the Baby Veronica case has, in broad strokes, done two things. First, it tipped the hands of the various Catholic Charity Organizations to “evangelicalize”(recruit, if you will) new souls for their church pews. Their strategy, now exposed, includes the dismantling of the Indian Child Welfare Act.


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AUSTRALIANS LOSE SACRED SITE FOREVER, MINING COMPANY FINED $ 150K The Kunapa people have lost one of their sacred sites forever, but the company that destroyed it is the first time a charge of desecration has been contested and won in Australia.

RICK MORA SAYS TONTO ROLE WOULD HAVE BEEN ‘A NO-BRAINER’ Rick Mora is more than just a pretty face — not that it’s strictly necessary with a face like his. After a rapid rise as a model, appearing in advertisements for such companies as Toyota, Wilson Leather and Anson’s Germany, he made his film acting debut with a small part as Ephraim Black, great grandfather of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), in Twilight (2008).

NEZ PERCE ELDER DROWNS AFTER RESCUING 7-YEAR-OLD GRANDSON The Nez Perce Tribe is mourning the loss of Elmer Crow, Jr., 69, who drowned while saving his 7-year-old grandson the evening of July 26.

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Wenatchi or Nez Perce woman known as Annie from Wenatchee with infant in beaded cradleboard, Washington, ca. 1900-1910