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onepac7 • 3 years ago

Seal of Shamash - the Sumerian Sun god. Note that the solar disk is held by two tassels. The base of the pillar of the throne is the "lily" seen in the thrones of the kings and Phrygian text XW. The Sun disk is emerging from the "lily" symbol. Note that it is similar to the Egyption akhet, meaning "dawn." The image represented the daily rebirth of the sun. It is curiously similar to the idols seen at Midas City. The Midas City idols appear to be abstract torsos, rectangles with disks atop

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Utu, Sumerian Sun god of Justice

Shamash, Sun God in Babylonia and Mesopotamia.

Sumerian cylinder seal

Sumerian Cylinder seal showing Enki

Dedicated to the sun god Surya (India)

Detail of ceremonial chariot. Golden falcon (Horus) wears the solar disk on which is engraved the winged scarab, symbol of the rising sun and resurrection.

Cylinder seal Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Jemdet Nasr, 3100–2900 B.C.

The Sun God Tablet, Limestone Found Sippar, Iraq, c. 860-850 BC Babylonian

Painted Plume with Sun Disk Containing Winged Kheper Beetle. Egypt, Late Period, 24th-30th Dynasty, 724-343 B.C.

Gold seal - Sumerian goddess Inanna/Ishtar as "Mistress of Animals", Turkmenistan, ca 2000 BC ~~ Jehovah called the false gods of the nations "dungy idols". Ishtar, a fertility goddess also known as Aster, Astre, Artemis is behind Easter with it's eggs, bunnies etc. (NON CHRISTIAN!)