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Dur-Sharrukin: relief, genie w/a poppy flower. Palace of King Sargon II. Khorsabad, Iraq, 716–713 BC

GOD SHAMASH The Sun God Shamash rising between Mashu's Twin Peaks.To the Sumerians, Mashu was a sacred mountain. Its name means "twin" in Akkadian, and thus was it portrayed on Babylonian cylinder seals - a twin-peaked mountain, described by poets as both the seat of the gods, and the under-world. The painting is borrowed from a cylinder seal. Background is decorated with cuneiform writing.

Utu, Sumerian Sun god of Justice

Cult Of The Ancient Gods Liked · 9 minutes ago The Sumerian Gods and Goddesses.

Sumerian Cylinder seal showing Enki

Temple dedicated to the sun god Surya - By Unitopia Stefan Perneborg

Detail of ceremonial chariot. Golden falcon (Horus) wears the solar disk on which is engraved the winged scarab, symbol of the rising sun and resurrection.

Cylinder seal Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Jemdet Nasr, 3100–2900 B.C.

The Sumerian God Abu by laion_terry, via Flickr

The Sun God Tablet Limestone Found Sippar, Iraq c. 860-850 BC Babylonian