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    Nature - Gorgonian hydroid

    blue button jellyfish

    Marrus orthocanna

    ** Scalyhead Sculpin

    Coral flower - (CC)ImageMD -

    The mouth of symmetrical brain coral (Diploria strigosa)

    Palm corals in the Solomon Islands

    Squat lobster in Indonesia # Pin++ for Pinterest #

    Phyllodesmium poindimiei

    Gracile Cup Coral~ which is about an inch in size. Taken at Kasai Village in Moalboal, Philippines.

    Zebra-striped Gorgonian Wrapper (Nemanthus annamensis), a type of colonial anemone : photo by Nick Hobgood, 2005

    purple gorgonian

    Lettuce Sea Slug

    This crinoid (also known as a feather star) Liparometra regalis, Micronesia. The white "fuzzy" look to the coral are the coral polyps feeding.

    Underwater flowers DeborahPerham

    nudibranch photo by Jeffrey C. De Guzman

    Amazing colours of the coral reef.

    Champagne colored Bubble Coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) / Anilao, Philippines

    Blue jellyfish

    Coryphella polaris sea slug

    Corals at night