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    Egyptian Atef Crown and it's similarities to the pineal/pituitary/thalamus glands within the human brain. Posted on Facebook by Jeff Andrews ( Url of photo + lots, lots more information:

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    • Ashley Webb

      Pineal and Pituitary interface between the two brain hemispheres, portal to the crown chakra Egyptian culture

    • Sally Harrison

      Comparison between the human brain with headdresses of Egyptian potter god Khnum & Phoenician god Ba'al - the Golden Calf or son of Enlil, the "Bull of Heaven". In those ancient times, Ba'al meant "Lord". In SE Queensland, white men were called "Budgery Ba'al", that is "Good Bad" or perhaps, "Good Lord".

    • Sally Harrison

      correspondence of the human brain to ancient Egyptian head dress representing papyrus bundles (the means of transmitting knowledge through writing)

    • Kether Saturnius

      Egyptian Atef Crown and it's similarities to the pineal/pituitary/thalamus glands within the human brain. Posted on Facebook by Jeff Andrews ( Url of photo + lots, lots more information:

    • Aspernaut

      Sun Gods Zodiac Biblical Allegory Meditation Emerald Tablets: The Emerald tablets of Thoth Alchemy

    • tatyana aza

      The Gate of God, by Gary Osborn. | Idea Solar

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    Jeff Andrews The god Osiris as the Djed column (his spine.) Note the three orbs above his head and above the spinal column. Like the three golden apples of the 'World Tree', these represent the glands and thalamus in the brain, and so these are really inside his head and depict the opened up brain at the location of the thalamus. The left and right orbs are struck by serpents like the snakes on the Caduceus. Note straightened-out rams horns underneath.

    The human #brain is a marvel. #science #inspiration

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    A Daily Dose of Sunshine. When Our Eyes Detect Light, The Pineal Gland in The Brain Produces The Feel-Good Chemical Serotonin to Perk Us Up.

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    It's said that when the pineal gland is activated it becomes illuminated like a thousands suns. The sense of white light flowing within and without may be when the pineal gland is highly activated producing DMT type chemistry during the height of the peak.

    ✣... The pineal gland is a remarkable feature of the human experience. Nestled in the brain between the two hemispheres, it is a source of endless intrigue in the realm of mysticism. Indeed, it’s known by pseudonyms such as the “third eye” the “dream center” and the “mystic seed.” www.symbolic-mean... Image; Pineal Visions

    Relief fragment with a cobra on the royal head- Period: Middle Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 11 Reign: reign of Mentuhotep II, later Date: ca. 2020–2000 B.C. Geography: Country of Origin Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Deir el-Bahri, Temple of Mentuhotep II Medium: Painted indurated limestone

    circulation system of the head. Would make fantastic embroidery pattern.

    Ancient Egyptian slate fragment portraying an enthroned Osiris, wearing an plumed atef crown and holding a crook and flail. (Walters Museum)

    Abydos, Carving, Egypt

    Diagram of the ventricles of the brain and pineal gland, L'Homme de René Descartes (full-size) - Wellcome Collection

    How Does The Brain Retain Information?

    Horus and Seth pacified performing the Sema-Tawy Ritual (lotus and papyrus entwined, the Union of the Two Lands, Upper and Lower Egypt); on the top, above the Sema-Tawy symbol, is represented the Royal Cartouche with the name of King Sesostris I as "King of Upper and Lower Egypt", KheperKaRa; detail from the throne of a statue of King Sesostris I (1971-1926 bc)

    Cabbage contains several cancer fighting properties, including lupeol, sinigrin & sulforaphane, which may help trigger enzyme defenses & inhibit tumor growth. Due to its high amount of Vitamin C, cabbage helps strengthen the Immune System & help the body fight against free radicals. Red cabbage contains vitamin K & anthocyanin, an antioxidant to help reduces plaque on the brain, thus can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. #dherbs #healthtips

    Cartouche||||Cartouche (hiéroglyphe)

    The inscription identifies this figure as Osiris. He wears the crown of ostrich feathers, a sun-disk, and the ram’s horns that identify him as a king. Yet he is also in the form of a mummy with the curled beard worn by the dead.

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