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Thinkin of a Master Plan

And coming up with nothing decent that will keep me sane and I only have weeks to think of something at most I am again in deep shit... 💩💩💩 with no way out!!! Its gonna be a long 2016 and longer 🙄😡😥

Do not let the negative opinions of others destroy your inner peace. There are two kinds of people – those who are a drain on your energy and creative force, and those who give you energy and support your creativity, even with the simplest gesture, like a smile. Avoid the first kind. Be happy. Be who you want to be. If others don’t like it, let them be. Happiness is a choice – YOUR choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everyone. -- read:

I'm not the same person I was yesterday nor am I same today as I will be tomorrow. Change is necessary so that we can move our lives forward.