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  • Grace Pedretti

    funny crying quotes | Funny Flirting Ecard: I'm NOT crying, I'm having an allergic reaction ...

  • Kaylee Bush

    Funny stuff! Totally me right now.

  • Cery

    It's so true...or maybe a good cry lol @Jenni Allen' Antoniu, had one last night (the cry) breakdown.."what am i doing with my life, i'm a failure, yadda yadda." Thought of you. <3

  • Lindsay Adelle

    lmao this is so true! when I think my life is over and I'm like wait I've only been depressed for like one day, maybe I'm just tired, then I fall asleep reading art history, etc.

  • Lisa Harrell

    I'm going to show some raw honesty right now - this made me laugh. Some days, it's so true!

  • L'Shae Henry

    Love this. I'm the ultimate nap taker.

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