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How to make a Chicken Run



Fill your weekend with laughter. Question: Where do tough chickens come from? Answer: Hard-boiled eggs Picture by Nigel Wedge

Awwww Chicken with Butterfly passenger

Mom's chickens heading in

Mom's chickens heading in

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Colorado Coop

[ATTACH] I grew up with backyard chickens in New Hampshire and have been wanting to get my own hens ever since my husband and I bought our first house in Colorado four years ago.


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Orpington chickens are an all round fabulous chook! Not only are they egg-ceptional layers but they are also very affectionate pets. Check out our 5 reasons for why we love this breed here, http://www.backyardchickencoops.com.au/5-reasons-to-love-orpington-chickens #loveyourchickens #love #OrpingtonChickens

5 Reasons To Love Orpington Chickens

Buff Orpington hens are a heritage breed of chicken. They lay approximately 300 eggs annually, are excellent brooders, are cold tolerant, and have a calm and friendly temperament.