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Creative Commons Licenses

A visual guide to Creative Commons licenses, part and parcel of copyright observance.

Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons? Infographic

What Teachers Need to Know about The New Creative Commons 4.0 Licenses ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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Creative Commons V4.0 for Education (new)

The awkward copyright collision of Fair Use and Creative Commons

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How to Break Out of a Creative Rut

Creative Commons: Copyright-friendly content and more - YouTube

Traditional Copyright: Work cannot be used, adapted, copied, or published without the creator's permission. What does it apply to? All original work is protected under copyright when it's created. Creative Commons: Work may be used without permission, but only under certain circumstances. Creators set rules for the way their work is used. What does it apply to? Only work that creators have chosen to designate as Creative Commons. Public Domain: Work can be used, adapted, copied, and publishe...

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