These are tomato cages with Christmas lights inside and a sheet draped over it-cute and clever!

Halloween diy outdoor ghosts...with tomato cages!

Make the shape with bottle, ball and wire. Drape over cheesecloth and spray with starch. Once dry remove supports. So clever!.

tree stump pumpkin heads

Halloween Ghost.

made 6 with tomato cage, a plastic pumpkin (kind with handle), plastic drip cloth and round plastic table cover for each one. Connect each one circling bonfire made of logs with lgihts thown on top and flashlight placed under each one

balloons + glow sticks + cheesecloth = awesome

Im SOOOOO Doing this!!!!

this is cute and easy.

Dancing Lawn Ghosts Poke a styrofoam ball through top of a tall garden/fence stake or spray painted dowel, cover with white fabric or cheesecloth. Lightweight fabric will pick up in the wind more, giving the illusion that they’re dancing. If fabric is very sheer, use a couple layers. Make several ghosts & place in a circle with the fabric corners tied together. Secure fabric over the Styrofoam w/hot glue & white push pins in the very top for extra security. Display them dancing around a tr...

Info to create "witch crash"...not into witches and such but this was just TOO COOL! It is actually huge, hangs on the wall. CLEVER!

DIY Tutorial: DIY Halloween / DIY Tomato Cage Ghost - Bead&Cord/ This site has all the directions. Basically, tomato cage, turned upside down, large styrofoam ball at the top (gather the prongs together, push them into the styrofoam, wrap the cage with white Christmas lights, cut a twin flat sheet in half, add black felt for eyes and secure the base with bricks.

All the little ghosts,gobblins,superheroes, and of course "Frozen" characters have come and gone. I have enough candy left over to stuff the Thanksgiving Turkey :-)

Well if this isn't the most adorable Halloween Idea! Miniature Marshmallows labeled with a handmade #Cricut tag called "Ghost Poop". This sweet little ghost is perfect for kids!

Halloween luminaries - acrylic paint inside, face on outside, then Krylon spray clear glaze

Milk Jug Ghost Halloween Decoration - We've been doing these as a Halloween tradition since Asia was 2. Easy and fun.

awesome halloween garden decor laura_filtness

Nutter Butter Ghosts

take an empty liquior bottle. buy a rubber mask. roll the rubber mask so it fits inside the bottle then fill with water and add loose tea.

Ghost Pancakes for Halloween morning- how cute!

Halloween Decorating:How to Make a Halloween Graveyard