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Dear hair, please grow faster :)

Delta Goodrem, braided hair doubling as headband, want to look like this for the wedding - if only my hair would hold the curl that long!!!

if you have shoulder-length hair or longer it is easy to grow bored of wearing the same wavy and straight styles day after day. this is a quick and easy hair tutorial to add some fun to your everyday look with a simple braided headband. you can sport this look with wavy or straight hair!

This is super cute and easy to do. And coming from me where I can't manage to make hair look nice done anyway but straightened, is saying something. You do need long hair though.. Or a smaller head than me to make the braid go completely across your head 👍

hair .. perfect for when my bangs don't lay right

Have I already pinned this? Its just so stunning. My hair never holds a braid crown

braid headband!.. can somebody please come and teach me how to do this lol.. my mom never did my hair