• Leslie Norman

    I believe it's the 3rd anniversary you give Nicolas Cage gifts... Haha how funny to find him around the house!

  • Trish Evrard

    HAHA Celebrating parents’ anniversary with Nicolas Cage faces…idk why this is so funny

  • Ashley Hardin

    Happy anniversary card in random places /LOL

  • Trish Thorpe

    Creepy HaHa Happy Anniversary idea. BAHAHAHA this is hilarious! Nicolas Cage!

  • Angie Faith

    Celebrating parents anniversary with Nicolas Cage faces. BAHAHA can change to congrats or happy birthday

  • Meggy-Kate Gutermuth

    must do. except i'll do the nicolas cage card of tommy wiseau to get back at him. looool. and i wanna do this for april fools.

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