• Tabitha Couts-Gatlin

    I seriously want to start doing this! I love vintage stuff. Not too crazy about this piece. But the old furniture is so solid! Reclaimed Furniture

  • Amber Matlock

    I so wish Eric would let me do something like this to our "ugly" furniture!

  • Amy Vandewalker

    Refinishing Furniture - No Sanding

  • Laurie Hewett

    Before Meets After: Reclaimed Furniture No SANDING chalk paint redo :)

  • Caroline Collins

    Before and after. I love reclaimed furniture. I just might do this with my bedroom furniture! What color should I do? Maybe...purple? :P

  • Debbie Nelson

    No sanding! Painting furniture tips :)

  • brooke shipman

    Furniture makeover. No sanding or priming!

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