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  • Amazing Thinker

    andrew garfield. **the fact that you are dating Emma Stone makes you soooo much hotter than you are. sorry** #celebrities

  • Suang Lim

    Andrew Garfield - Played in the latest The Amazing Spiderman and The Social Network> Soooo cutee this guy, loved him ever since I first saw him <3 <3 <3

  • Kirsten Campbell

    andrew garfield: waiting for the Amazing Spiderman :) yep boys go into gimmy gimmy..nothing else seems like the right spot haha

  • MarLee Mitchell

    Andrew Garfield is a beautiful man.

  • Mustache 69

    #andrewgarfield #spiderman #peterparker

  • Madeline Kenerly

    Hello I'm Trevor. I'm best friends with Owen. He's training me with the raptors. Anyway I'll do anything to protect the people here at Jurassic World. I love the animals here but I think it's wrong to breed them. I love working here especially with my uncle. Yeah come say hi. Oh and I'm 20.

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So, The Amazing Spiderman was, as it says in the title, amazing, and my love for Andrew Garfield has just got so much bigger.

Andrew Garfield in a wonderful article... "20 guys you want to see in suspenders" Haha!

had to pin this as our office just hired in someone who is Andrew Garfield's twin. thank you, UofA, for finally doing something right.

" Andrew Garfield. He is the definition of adorable. Plus, he's the new spider man." My thoughts exactly 😍

Andrew Garfield. Let's take a moment to appreciate him and the fact that the Amazing Spiderman 2 is not that far away