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  • Katie Morris

    Whose turn is it? Such a cute idea that can be adapted for any family and any household chores, etc.

  • Danielle Smith

    Great idea for visual for kids (and hubby!) I the anderson crew: 5 kids in 1 room.

  • Lindsay Oakley

    whose turn is it? love this idea that can be adapted for any classroom job or family and any household chores, etc.

  • Chloe Langley

    Chore Lists! :) Good idea, you could change the chores to fit whatever your family needs

  • RJP DoorCty

    Oh! Great idea for a school job chart or a family chore chart, etc.

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Chore "Rewards" a chore, get a punch. Get 12 punches, get a surprise. Very cool incentive idea for home!

time out chair. I want one!! Next project!

Turning Toddler Scribbles into Art...putting this one in my back pocket for the future. :) Love it!!

this is the best idea I have seen for a chore chart thus far!!! Could even make one for the hubby as a honey to do list lol

Such a wonderful way to involve kids in daily household chores by turning it into a game!

Choices! I can totally see using this at school. When students need a break or time away, make a choice about what they want to do! Give them the power to choose!

Love this!!!!! Clutter Busting Game using ping pong balls. Each person chooses a ball, completes the task, then chooses another one. After 30 minutes, whoever has the most balls gets a prize -- like a no-chores day, or gets to pick a movie. Such a great idea!

Chore Chart - I saw this and thought of all my friends with Children. Then I got to thinking and thought it could be done for days of the week as well and months. For those who do seasonal cleaning charts. I like it!!

super cute chore jar. kids feel like they have some choice in the matter :)...i did a variation of this. i bought colored large craft sticks and color coded them by length of chore (blue are 5 min chores, orange are 15 min chores, etc...). i wrote the chores on the sticks with a sharpie. so far so good. my 9 year old lives for the "relax no chore today" stick:)