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Old West gunfighter Bat Masterson. was a colorful figure - an army scout, gambler, buffalo hunter, frontier lawman in Dodge City, and eventually a US Marshall. He was friends with Wyatt Earp, and had visited Wyatt in Tombstone, Arizona shortly before the showdown at the OK Coral. Later in life, after the West had been tamed, he settled in New York City, and worked as a sports editor for the New York Morning Telegraph.

Adelia Douglas Earp, sister of Wyatt.

The Real Rooster Cogburn

Chuck wagon fording the Powder River during cattle drive - 1800's.

The Pioneer Homestead

An Army officer looking at the aftermath of the battle; three days later! - Wounded Knee Lakota December 29, 1890. Wounded Knee became a catch phrase for all the wrongs inflicted on Native Americans by the descendants of Europeans. In 1973 Indian activist drawing on the courage of their ancestors would stage another confrontation there.

Emigrants used horses, oxen and mules to pull their wagons. The most popular animal was the ox. It was cheaper, stronger and easier to work than horses or mules. They were also less likely to be stolen by Native Americans on the journey & would be more useful as a farm animal when you reached your destination. Oxen were able to exist on sparse vegetation & were less likely to stray from camp.

Cowboy commandments

Better known as "Squirrel Tooth Alice,” Mary Elizabeth "Libby" Haley Thompson was a popular "soiled dove” in the frontier cow towns of the American West, despite gap the in her teeth that earned her nickname.

Wagon Train Atlanta 1864

Fort Hays, Kansas

Wagon Train 1800's

OK Corral

Caldwell, Kansas, cowtown1880 #Wild #West

In the fall of 1897, Earp and wife Josie joined in the Alaska Gold Rush and headed for Nome, Alaska. He operated a canteen the summer of 1899 and in September, Earp and partner Charles E. Hoxie built the Dexter Saloon in Nome, Alaska, the city's first two story wooden building. While there, he rubbed elbows with Jack London, Rex Beach, Wilson Mizner, Jack Dempsey’s future promoter Tex Rickard.

School in a Chuck Wagon, Finney County, Kansas 1870- 1900

Wagons struggle to cross Donner Summit in 1860s

Million Dollar Highway was a toll road built by Otto Mears in 1883 to connect Ouray & Ironton. Another toll road was built over Red Mountain Pass from Ironton to Silverton. In the late 1880s Otto Mears turned to building railroads and built the Silverton Railroad north from Silverton over Red Mountain Pass to reach the lucrative mining districts around Red Mountain, terminating at Albany just eight miles south of Ouray. The remaining eight miles were considered too difficult for a railroad.

Tombstone, Bodie, CA .. A wooden tombstone and pipe fence mark an overgrown grave in the cemetery overlooking the ghost town in Bodie, California.

The Gold and Silver Mining Town of Kirwin, Wyoming. Gold was discovered at Kirwin, high on the Wood River in 1885. By 1894, the Shoshone River Mining Co. formed and the first ore was shipped from Kirwin by mule in 1897. Kirwin became well established, with 200 people and 38 buildings, including boarding houses, a hotel, a sawmill, a post office, stores and houses, but no cemetery, saloons or the pic to read a sad yet fascinating history.

Photo of hoop skirts hanging outside a storefront, undated.  From Retronaut.

In the furniture and undertaking business, Broadway Street, Round Pond, Okla. Terr. By Kennett, January 1894.

Texas Rangers Museum

EDWARD BURLESON - Commander, Texian First Regiment at San Jacinto. As the Battle of San Jacinto unfolded, Burleson's men would attack directly across from the front center of Mexican encampment, startling the soldiers from their otherwise restful afternoon. He was perhaps the best soldier and officer in Houston's army of volunteers.

Brothel in Jerome, AZ. Jennie's Place. It was built in 1898 by Legendary Madam Belgian Jennie Bauters. She became the richest woman in the Arizona territory before she was murdered.