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Anybody would say yes, Absolutely! I say I'm good already got that covered!

Guess it's a good thing I like guns, believe in God & oh that's right.I'm a police dispatcher so I'll be sending those officers with guns.

Truth guns 2nd amendment

19 Examples Of Media Deception

When there's a bombing we blame the bomber. When there's a drunk-driving accident we blame the driver. Why, when there's a shooting, do we blame the gun? So true!

Redheads..Rock it, redhead friends!

For my ginger girl - and you DO rock it!

LOVE this one!  "Now don't be talking about yourself while you're here.  We'll surely be doin' that after you leave"

Famous Irish Quotes, Proverbs, Blessings, Sayings, etc to design and display on your walls of your home to celebrate your Gaelic / Irish heritage.

‘Tis True!  ☘️

‘Tis True! ☘️

So true when someone just keeps walking on you

I've lost my ability to give a damn. if found, no need to return it. go ahead and keep it and see if it works for you.

makes sense.. right? #dumb

makes sense.. right? #dumb

My reason for owning a gun...

Funny and or stupid signs about guns. Funny signs about the second amendment. Funny signs and quotes about gun control.

And they are mandated to teach politically correct nonsense

And they are mandated to teach politically correct nonsense

If they show an interest in you, then show it back. But normally it'll take a while before you start to notice the absence of how far their care goes for you. And that's not far at all...

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If they miss you, they'll call. If they want you, they'll say it. If they care, they'll show it. And if not, they are not worth your time

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quotes about irish funny

I still hear this till this day! I'm 25 married and been on my own since 19. But my mom still has the nerve to tell me what to do because SHES MY MOTHER. But I love that lady!!!


The magical look that instantly snaps misbehaving children into shape. The ability to say “no” to volunteer opportunities, hosting of events or inconvenient carpooling.

This is just too damn good. I had to spread the love and the light lol. Thank you to my darling at and for this absolute corker xx goodnight lovelies xx

Sad but true!