Interactive Map of European History. This site allows students to click on various countries throughout time periods and learn information about the country during that time. This interactive site allows students to explore other continents and countries on their own.

This map shows the Scramble for Africa in action when almost all of the European countries were invading, occupying, and claiming parts of Africa during 1881 to 1914. It became a land grab especially after the discovery of valuable resources. (History)

Maps and Globes

‘This IB study and revision guide covers the causes, practices and effects of World War One and World War Two. Primarily aimed at Higher and Standard Level candidates studying History Route 2: Paper 2, Topic 1 on 20th Century War, it provides comprehensive and clearly structured sections on all of the World War themes detailed in the syllabus and also tips on essay writing. ISBN: 9781907374371

Me on the Map

Ancient Egypt Maps for Kids and Students ~ Ancient Egypt

World Countries maps to download

Africa and the Middle East. | This Map Showing What Each Country Leads The World In Is Really Quite Cool

Great apps for teaching history.

Foldables for nonfiction texts re: important people, or really any topic. Could be glued down into an interactive notebook easily.

Stuff for SOTW 1

Me on a Map

Creative approach to teaching map drawing of the US to younger children. Perfect for Cycle 3!

Printable outline maps for various regions of the world.

Over 80 quality high school Social Studies Website including sites for world history, european history, ancient history, us history, texas history, ap history, economics, government, and civics.

Why Every Home Needs a Map - 7 Ideas for Learning & Fun

Video: “42 Amazing Maps”

United States dialect map

A useful interactive history map of Europe.

Tour the 50 states video.