Interactive Map of European History. This site allows students to click on various countries throughout time periods and learn information about the country during that time. This interactive site allows students to explore other continents and countries on their own.

Map of dialects in Germany

Ultimate Guide to Early US History

CC Cycle 2 Week 6 European Mountains Includes all Mountain ranges and a short description alongside the map.

What U.S. History would have been like with Hashtags! For more information you can access information about our academics @

World War II: Crash Course World History #38

American Revolution interactive website

Brilliant history teacher doodles each history book chapter to hand out to students but also has them do them themselves and he swaps his for smart

Watch as 1000 years of European borders change.

Use the interactive map of the original 13 colonies to learn more about each colony or city, understanding the history of settlement and disputed lands in American history.

Interactive Education: Continents

Website - This website includes numerous interactive map activities for students and teachers. Teachers can find creative and interactive map activities about the world, continents, oceans, countries, regions, and states. Descriptions, summaries, and games are included in the map activities.

This time-lapse video has never been more relevant. As the eyes of the world are fixed on events in Ukraine and Crimea, its good to have a little perspective on the ever-changing flux of borders throughout time. Very cool!

The Social Studies material is all organized into free, engaging interactive books. You just click on a corner of the book to turn the pages that contain free social studies interactive lessons, games, videos, photos, and sound and music clips.


A useful interactive history map of Europe. Watch as the borders of countries move as nations rise and fall.

Europe map

Online game to learn States. Fun!

Lewis and Clark . Interactive Trail Map | PBS

Read like a Historian! Great way to bridge reading and social studies...with a little pizazz. (Check out the posters)

US Map that shows how the US grew. What a great interactive visual for American History.