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  • Margaret Chow

    The Walking Dead Summary Basically! That kid doesn't do what he is told!!

  • Brian Gamble

    the walking dead - carl. True Story

  • Chasta Craddock

    <3 Walking Dead.. I have yet to make it through a whole episode bc Zombies scare the hell out of me, but I know this much, no one is watching the kid. Lock him up in the freaking house.

  • Ashlee Olivia

    A Two-Sentence Summary of EVERY Episode of The Walking Dead from #WalkingDead @Mike Archibald

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A two-sentence summary of The Walking Dead! love this and it soo true I get so mad when i see that kid roaming around. Wish I could pop him myself!!!

The Walkind Dead Inspired Collage Illustration by TheGeekerie

the walking dead. yaaaasss

Funny thing is, direct tv doesnt show the walking dead..<<<<<---whoever wrote this is an idiot!! DISH doesnt show the walking dead...asshat...

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@Ashton Mayer, @Hannah Gettes, @Jenna Arends , @Megan Flynn good ol Lori :) however lets not push her off a cliff :)

My February vs. Your February ... The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead. See? We are already becoming zombies.