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    • Vickie Burns

      so many good chicken signs OH! too funny @Lila Symons Kelley Adams will need this.

    • Erin Kissel

      Chicken Lover Parking Sign (Walking Hen) from My Pet Chicken

    • Stephanie Straka

      CHICKEN LOVER PARKING farm bird stock Metal Sign Quality Affordable Gift

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    Boredom during the cold months can lead to pecking and other issues within your flock. Cure the winter blahs with edible vegetable garlands for your chickens!


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    Emptying a few cans of corn into a muffin tray, adding water & then freezing it is a very small act of kindness. But on hot days, it means the world to the chickens that live here. Pecking away at an ice block to finally be rewarded with a cold corn kernel is a great way to help them keep cool .

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    Cucumber Tetherball can be offered to chickens as an occasional snack while doing double-duty as a boredom buster- for the chickens and for ...

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    They grew sunflowers up against the coop to help provide shade in the summer and the hens ate any bugs that came around.

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