t-shirt scarf

T-shirt scarf

She Cuts Into Her Old T-Shirt And Ends Up With Something Unique - Daily Megabyte

diy scarves out of tshirts

T-shirt scarf

Making a scarf from an old tshirt! I have to try this!


23 Things to Make With Old T-Shirts...I actually saw a few I hadn't seen before.

Tshirt yarn diy

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I would try this with an old shirt.

Tshirt DIY Necklace

T-shirt scarf- Cut an old t-shirt into strips. Pull each end so it curls up. If each individual strip isn't long enough, carefully sew the ends of two strips together. About 2/3 of the way down, use a strip of t-shirt to tie all the ends together. Braid equal pieces together tightly and tie at the other end. Carefully sew together the rolled ends on the other side.

Old sweaters and dollar store bangles.

Easy & Green Produce Bag

STORM NECKLACE Agate. Florite, Quartz and bronze are strung together in a storm cloud palette - 17 inches

10 minute tassel necklace #tutorial from Alice & Lois #tassels #jewelry