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    Erin McCann: 1-3 July marks the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg, the battle that many historians cite as the turning point in the US civil war
    July 1, 2013

    Union and Confederate soldiers gather around a cannon. Gettysburg 1913



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    Major General George E. Pickett, C.S.A. Known for the futile "Pickett's Charge" across open fields at Gettysburg into the teeth of the Union artillery, he was blamed for the loss of the "flower of the South." Many men died that day including descendants of George Washington. Pickett never recovered as a result of this debacle.

    Leroy Hermance served in the 67th and 188th New York Volunteers. He wears the rare and unofficial color bearer insignia above his sergeant's stripes. Hermance attended the 50th reunion at Gettysburg in 1913 and fell from the train returning to his home, resulting in his death.

    Reunion of Gettysburg veterans, 1913.

    Veterans at Gettysburg in 1913

    Two veterans of the American Civil War (from opposing sides) gathered at the 50th anniversary reunion of the Battle of Gettysburg. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - 1913.

    Photographs of the 1913 50th Gettysburg Anniversary

    Photographs of the 1913 50th Gettysburg Anniversary

    Civil War Veterans (1913

    Note from a Confederate Soldier to a Yankee, found in a home in Gettysburg after the Confederate Army withdrew,.

    President Wilson delivering an address to the Civil War veterans gathered at ‎#Gettysburg in 1913.

    A Union veteran and a Confederate veteran. Gettysburg 1913


    Confederate Women of Maryland Monument ~ Gettysburg National Military Park ~ Pennsylvania

    Confederate Memorial, Gettysburg

    Photograph of an Old Soldier. The picture was taken at the Stone Wall at Gettysburg in 1913. Picture shows the old soldier writing his memories of the Battle of Gettysburg, at the Gettysburg Reunion.

    HAMPTON'S DUEL. Confederate General Wade Hampton fights off Union Cavalry at the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1863



    Civil War Photo: Confederate Veterans, Gettysburg -1913