Paris carousel

One of the oldest carousels in Paris near the Eiffel Tower I would love to visit this place in the winter . it is just one of those places where cold weather and snow just intensify the beauty and magic of the the place xx

Ferris wheel at the Tuileries, Paris

Ferris Wheel and Eiffel Tower Paris, by Kay Gaensler. Being that my great great great grandpa invented the Ferris wheel and I'm in love with Paris, this is a super cool pic to me!

París Locks Bridge

Pont des Arts, this picture makes my heart ache for Paris.

The Louvre, Paris. A must see when exploring Paris, France. It was far too crowded when I went.

Paris sunset from the Louvre window by Dimitry B places-where-i-want-to-live-visit-or-dream-about-t

Scaling the Eiffel Tower has a price, but the view from below is spectacular in its own right, and a perfect backdrop to a leisurely picnic in the surrounding grassy area. Be sure to visit the tower at night when it sparkles each hour with an awe-inspiring ten-minute display of 20,000 glittering white lights.

I love how the girl is looking out into the city, the photo looks wonderous with the Eiffel Tower faded in the back. I hope one day i can travel to paris and see it too

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Paris mon amour: love the dress, love the hat, love the view, love the photography style :)

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France - © Alberto Mateo, Travel Photographer

Skylines of the world - Rendezvous~ A Romantic Evening Eiffle Tower at dusk, Paris, France - © Alberto Mateo, Travel Photographer-