Gerbil wheel for bibliophiles

I am a total bibliophile. I need this.

loooove the idea for a bookshelf

Bookshelf table made from an old spool. love.

Anna Quindlen "I would be most content if my children... ..think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves."

La Universidad de Salamanca Biblioteca de Historia, Salamanca, España---The University of Salamanca History Library, Salamanca, Spain

child's play

Books, books, books....

Beautiful curving bookcases... I just love these colors. This photo warms my heart <3 #books #library #stacks #bookcase #colorful #rainbow #knowledge #education #bookworm


Must Read Books!

just a minute of your time ...

organized by color

Old books.

Reading heaven

library like this

35 Things To Do With All Those Books - interior design, home decor, shelves, shelving, book shelves, fireplaces, repurpose


A recycled locker painted pink and used as bookcase.

She is too fond of books... Julie Campbell

Walk-in closet for books.