Henna belly design. I'm obsessed!

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Beautiful feet. Henna

I love Henna tattoos, I've yet to get one though. I adore the traditional indian henna tattoos and never have I stumbled across american owned stands that can compare to the traditional indian touch.

Henna Moon ~ "Adorning the belly with henna patterns is a traditional way to bless the mother and unborn baby in preparation for the birth. A simple recipe of pure henna powder, fresh lemon juice and a touch of lavender essential oil will create a safe, natural henna paste suitable for use during pregnancy."

while the henna works it s magic please contact us regarding henna for .

mandala pour bébé :)

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Henna belly

How cool of a baby shower activity would it be to invite a henna artist to decorate mom's belly?

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Cloud 9 Henna Body Art http://cloud9doula.wordpress.com/cloud-9-henna-body-art/

Cloud 9 Henna Body Art http://cloud9doula.wordpress.com/cloud-9-henna-body-art/