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South China Morning Post, The Merry Widows by Baldovino Barani

seriously? why bother? lmfao

Vlada Roslyakova and Sasha Pivovarova

:: August Sander ::


hmmmm. not sure whats going on here. interesting photo? though...

Michal Lukasiewicz

Madame et Monsieur..

What fresh hell is this, Nana?

photography by herbert list

photography by herbert list



Felix Bonfils, Syrian Muslim women in town dress, ca. 1880

Nana and Aunty Vi prepare for theirHawaiian holiday



"meet us face to face"

Roger Minick

Mini Frida Kahlos'

Raoul Hausmann, Two Nudes on a Beach [Hedwig Mankiewitz and Vera Broido], 1930

during World War II (Vintage pic from the Sartorialist)

Aaron Ruell