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Horse n kitty

What is it between cats and horses? They're unique relationship has always intrigued me. Go out to the barn, the cats and horses are together.and I've never seen a cat squished by a horse! (But I sure have seen a dog kicked by a horse)!

Dogs and Cats

Who says cats and dogs can`t get along? Raise cats and dogs in your home and you'll see what true love really means, it's like they complete each other and your house is filled with a loving energy.

Annorlunda vänskap

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Friends, best friends. :3 - Click image to find more Animals Pinterest pins

German Shepherd and his kitty friend This means I can get a cat AND a dog in the future right!

Most comfortable bed ever.

Comfortable bed ever.

I wonder if this little kitten mistook this Samoyed for a rug? The Samoyed doesn't seem to mind.

Tiny owl and tiny kitten - |

Tiny owl and tiny kitten

If I fits I sits

"All cats like boxes - if they can fit into them - they will sit in them" Big cats are just cats - they also love boxes! I love the lion's box is completely crushed.


Ginger cats, at Rose cottage, take long walks, with friends, to discuss the latest mouse catching techniques

Спасают рыжую кошку

her expression in that last picture - amazing. Faith in humanity restored

Minik the Wonder Cat, seize (sees) the moment with inner eyes!

Minik the Wonder Cat

Minik the Wonder Cat. LOVE special needs kitties! I love that kitties with no eyes act just like any other!

Fundamental Truth of the Universe: Cats. Like. Boxes.

Even the BIG cats like boxes.Never met a cat yet that doesn't need to try to fit themselves in an empty box or basket.What is that?

Adorable :)

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"Hey! Get outta the frame. This is my picture!"

Funny pictures about When drunken girls try to pose for a picture. Oh, and cool pics about When drunken girls try to pose for a picture. Also, When drunken girls try to pose for a picture.

Grumpy Cat's nemesis | The happiest cat in the world #funny

The happiest cat in the world

The Happiest Cat You Will Ever See. Wish this would go viral like grumpy cat. The happy cat makes me smile. Also I just love how in the last picture the other cat's like "why are you so happy, be mad like your other feline brethren.