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This is probably the most creative and sweetest tattoo. Best friends got the silhouette of Petere Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, and Michael. ♥

Want want want. The second star to the right but in white ink.

I really want this somewhere on my body. #Tattoo #PeterPan

Truth..... And I want the two small stars #peterpan#disney#tattoos

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell tattoos . Brother & Sister ♥ ~ Would love this for my kids when they get older as they love Peter Pan and Wendy!!

Disney Tattoo//Subtle Poppins behind the ear. Nice. If I ever had the nerve to get a tattoo this would be my Disney one....but different location.

Peter Pan tattoo 'second * to the right and straight on til morning'

My Tattoo. Peterpan, never frown up -Adrianna Crupi

I always wanted a Peter Pan tattoo, but then Once Upon a Time happened haha

FYI: I also want this tattoo... But not on my back... #peterpan #nevergrowup by Carmen_warren, via Flickr