• Jen Howard

    Answers on a postcard (or Pin!) - what's a Russian Twist? ... Do it daily #workout by #fitness

  • Damon Feest

    Wake up! daily #Workout Exercises #fitness #Work out|

  • Sergio Scalise

    Wake up and work out! Morning routine.

  • Dare White

    Before shower Workout

  • Monica Le

    DO IT DAILY: Morning Wake Up workout! #workout #fitness #morning #daily

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Wake-up Workout. it's so hard for me to wake up and work out sooo early. i tried videos, just cant get the time to finish them! gonna try this next week...see how it goes!

Wake-up Workout... gonna start doing this! Motivation is the key!!!

Here’s a morning workout to wake you up and get you moving. This is something I could actually do in the morning. Nothing strenuous. Nice!

The Morning Workout...looks good! I should do this over my lunch break in my office

Trouble Area Target Circuit: Do this workout to target your obliques, inner thighs and triceps.

Daily workout. I will feel accomplished if I do this daily plus get in 1-2 cardio days a week. This plus eating healthier is my realistic goal to get in shape

love this. who's ready? let's go! Burn 100 Calories Right Now. Do this 10 times in a day to get rid of 1,000 calories. Easy!

i like the idea of this, but 30 seconds of pushups first thing in the morning, kill me now. i think i would do: * 1 min downward dog to plank * 1 min jumping jacks * 30 sec pushups * 1 min jumping jacks * 30 sec pushups * walking lunges to the shower

Want a kickin’ booty? Squats are an easy workout to shape that rear end into the beauty you dream of. Mix up your normal routine with a wider variety of squats and feel the burn!