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    BAHAHAHAH- "My parent is an idiot: the world's worst parents, in pictures"

    Om nom nom

    Poor Linsey. :( she use to be so beautiful.

    love the name of this site "shit my kids ruined" ..... And I can't stop laughing

    Today's dose of birth control

    This is funny!

    "My son was driving his car around the house drinking. I found him like this..." Baby drunk driver drinking and driving and crashing. Funny Pictures Of The Day – 101 Pics

    cant stop laughing

    Awww, poor thing, I'm sure it wasn't happy, but I lol!


    This is pretty funny.

    Can't... stop... laughing...

    hahaha :D

    Moms, dads: it has finally happened. The baby memes you've been waiting for have finally arrived -- and they're funnier than you can even fathom. (Seriously, I've been giggling all morning at these...

    This is soooo funny! And his expression fits the dialogue!