• Michelle Middleton

    Jumpsuits & the Osmonds--actually saw them in Concert!

  • 97Park

    The Osmonds. When I was 7, my favorite color was purple. Why? Because Donny Osmond's favorite color was purple, of course.

  • Angela Thomas

    My sister was inside watching The Osmonds’ first-ever live appearance in the UK, at London’s Rainbow Theatre in November 1972 - I was 11 yrs old and joined in outside banging on the doors shouting "We Want The Osmonds' Fantastic memories that are replayed at most of their recent gigs.Donny was my very first crush.Please check out my website thanks.

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Donny Osmond... they call it puppy love!!!!!

The Osmonds - HA! Look at the shirts! And we thought they looked so cool.

Keeping it in the family: The Osmond brothers in 1971 with sister Marie. From left to right: Donny, Marie, Merrill, Jay, Alan, Wayne and Jimmy

The Osmonds - okay, I'll admit very first concert! Donny was so dreamy...

Osmonds.I loved the Osmonds.Please check out my website thanks.

Osmond Brothers - okay, I admit first concert (age 11)

The Osmond Brothers......had their posters plastered all over my walls, when I was a teen, especially Donny!!!!

Osmonds..Donny was my first love & still love him.Please check out my website thanks.

The Osmond Brothers--okay...make fun if you will, but I can't tell you how much I loved these guys growing up and how many times I saw them, and got to meet them.