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This was hilarious the first time I saw it, the second time I read it I realized it was Taylor Swift lyrics and I find that even more hilarious.

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Angry Birds is like your sex life...

I dunno should a man let baldness and weight stop him from feeling sexy? Men/ Women, Fat/Thin, Bald/full bodied we all are sexy as long as your not an asshole cause you can diet to lose weight but an asshole is forever.

Bahahaha! Faye Barber Barber DeLong Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Poehler I might need to find this for both of you

this dad is hilarious he puts post it notes around the house relating to his kids... bahahaha love this fraternity one!

hilarious! i LOVE this! I have seen several versions of this today - but this is the funniest! There goes the neighborhood!

Leo gettin' all up in MLK JR's business.. Probably not a good idea :)