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The Truth about Voodoo Dolls and How They Can Be Used in Magic

The Truth about Voodoo Dolls and How They Can Be Used in Magic By Claire

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Gifts of Nature

Cute way to display dried flowers without having an awkward dead-looking arrangement... Maybe put an white index card with the date and place the flowers were received! Religion & Spiritualityfrom Religion & Spirituality

Papa Legba

Papa Legba - Voodoo Symbols - Vodou Veves

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Lemon-filled Olive Oil Lanterns

DIY oil lamps- project to go along with "The Magic Tree House- Twister on Tuesday"

Black pepper is used in spells and charms that banish negativity and provide protection. You can burn black pepper to rid your home of negative energies prior to using sage (smudging). Carry black pepper corns with you as a charm to ward off petty jealousy against you and it will help to free your mind of jealousy. Pepper is also used to promote courage. Mixed with salt and scattered around your property, it will clear and protect your home from negative energy.

Candles: For centuries, #candles of different colors have been burned to attract desired emotions, material wealth, or karma. Candles can be one of the most effective tools used for meditation, rituals and other ceremonies. The size of the candles you use is not important. It is the colour and its meaning that matters!

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53 Spells Mother Ida Magic Love Money Curse Voodoo Hoodoo Gypsy Wicca

Powerful Magick Spells Book on CD Voodoo Wicca Love 53 Spells Mother Ida Magic | eBay