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This is awesome. I would have never thought of that. o-o

It also is the house color of the other: Harry, a Gryffindor, has green eyes for Slytherin and Voldemort, a Slytherin, has red eyes for Gryffindor

I never thought of it that way...

"I always wanted to thank J. Rowling for creating the dementors. The idea of a single happy memory can drive away depression helped me deal with my own.

I've never thought about it that way...

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I was disappointed about the portraits thing. I guess they are remnents of the past left behind to educate and better the future of tomorrow. Also, I'm glad the hp fact one cleared it up for me on that part!

this is awesome

This is me and my best friend! Lord knows how we used to be as teenagers I couldn't even imagine now as adults lol! But she will always be my best friend no matter how far the distance.

Interesting take on things

Never thought about it this way. I remember "The Tale of the Three Brothers" within "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", but this never struck me until just now.


I love how Rupert's and Emma's signatures are all fancy and Daniel's is just terrible.

well then. please don't make this a thing

fifty shades of pink by dolores umbridge -possibly the greatest thing ever?