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Semolina porridge with orange rhubarb compote

I awoke this morning to the ill tempered wind, banging at my window like a toddler in the throws of a surly tantrum, trying to get my atten.

Semolina porridge with forest berry compote

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Start the day with this Nordic whipped cranberry semolina porridge. Recipe from Finnish food blogger @mybandwkitchen

Whipped Cranberry Porridge (The Prettiest Porridge Ever) & A Guest Post For A Cup Of Jo

Cómo hacer una sopa de sémola

Picture of Spicy Semolina Porridge with Chicken and Vegetables

Creamy Semolina Porridge

Creamy Semolina Porridge (Sue's Health)

Creamy Semolina Porridge

365 days of breakfast

365 days of breakfast: Semolina porridge (made with oat milk) w lingonberries, scone, hot lemon water

Mantelimanna | Almond semolina porridge. Recipe in English: http://www.gurmee.net/en/2013/08/20/mantelimanna/

Mantelimanna | Almond semolina porridge. Recipe in English: http://www.gurmee.net/en/2013/08/20/mantelimanna/

Semolina porridge. I like this with cardamom and honey.

Breakfast Semolina

Let’s talk about semolina. Semolina is a fine fine fine fine grain, from the very centre of wheat. It is similar to polenta or cornmeal in its grain and in its cooked consistency.

The Vegan Swedes: Semolina Porridge / Mannagrynsgröt

Healthy breakfast, quick and light lunch or a treat. Semolina porridge is all those wrapped into one. So what is Semolina?

Semolina Porridge with Maple baked Apples

Semolina porridge - This Semolina Porridge & Maple-Baked Apples isn’t an everyday brekky. It’s a weekend porridge – a little richer and more decadent, creamy and sweet with just a hint of coconut. A lovely morning treat.

Spelt porridge with honey roasted nuts

Meet my new aquaintance, the protein rich spelt grain: Spelt is a relative of old wheat Spelt comes in many forms - grains, pearls.