Very fitting...

auntie !!

Supermarket: I'm Your Father's Day Gift Mom Says You're Welcome Baby Onesie from Glamfoxx Shirts

Onsie Should have a little one that can wear this soon- just too true!

so true! LOL



This is something Adam would love :)

fun baby onesie

Ha ha...

So true!

For my sister in law, Amber...because we've seen what Ry does to Em when you aren't around. lol! Helping Dad dress the baby! Funny Baby Onesie Toddler Shirt Dear Dad by SugarMoonKids on Etsy, $15.00

This is fitting!!!

Top Ten Breastfeeding Tips and Duties for Dad! Help your partner succeed at breastfeeding - a must read for all new Daddies and Dads-to-be! #breastfeeding #dads #tips

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner." ~Dirty Dancing~

Babyproof Your Marriage: 10 Things New Dads Need to Know About New Moms — Nashville Marriage Studio

Baby girl Mintjal just got these cute boots :) Minnetonka Fringe Bootie (Baby & Walker) | Nordstrom

haha perfect!